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Keyboard with Gaming Mouse Mars Gaming MCPX

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If you're passionate about IT and electronics, like being up to date on technology and don't miss even the slightest details, buy Keyboard with Gaming Mouse Mars Gaming MCPX at an unbeatable price.

  • Important information: This computer has been made for the Spanish market, and therefore has characters that are specific to that language, such as the letter Ñ. However, the Windows settings allow the keyboard to be changed internally to any other European language. The operating system is profesional and you can select any language that is installed. ENGLISH is the default language, but you can easily change it to your country's language later. You can also install a free operating system, Linux for example.
  • Keyboard:
    • Spanish Qwerty
    • QWERTY
  • Type:
    • Numeric keyboard
    • Gaming Keyboard
  • Colour: Black
  • Characteristics:
    • Backlighted
    • Anti-Ghosting
    • Scroll wheel
  • Connections: USB
  • Style: Upright
  • Batteries included: No
  • Gaming Keyboard: Membrane
  • Compatible:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac OS
  • Design: Ergonomic
  • Includes: Mouse
  • Cable length: 1,5 m
  • Backlighted: RGB LED
  • Technology: Optical
  • Type of plug: Plug EU
  • Weight: 1,69 Kg
  • Form factor: Right hand
  • Mouse: 10000 dpi
  • Power supply: USB
  • Recommended use: Set
Keyboard with Gaming Mouse Mars Gaming MCPX-0
Keyboard with Gaming Mouse Mars Gaming MCPX-1
Keyboard with Gaming Mouse Mars Gaming MCPX-2

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