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Gaming Keyboard and Mouse with Bonus Mouse Pad Combo

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Gaming Keyboard MK005

  • ULTIMATE GAMING KEYBOARD: Dive into your gaming adventures with precision and comfort using the Meetion 60% mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse set. Engineered with OUTEMU blue switches, every keystroke delivers crisp sound and tactile feedback, ensuring an immersive gaming experience.

  • CUSTOM 60 PERCENT KEYBOARD: Say goodbye to frustrating key conflicts with the full-keys anti-ghosting technology. Enjoy faster and more accurate gaming sessions, allowing you to focus on dominating the competition without worrying about input limitations.

  • PERSONALISED LIGHT GAMING EXPERIENCE: Level up your gaming setup with customisable LED backlight options. From subtle glows to vibrant displays, tailor the lighting to match your mood and gaming environment, creating an atmosphere that enhances your gameplay.

  • PERFECT FOR MULTITASKING GAMEPLAY: With 12 dedicated multimedia shortcuts, you can seamlessly transition between gaming and productivity tasks. Whether adjusting volume, launching applications, or controlling media playback, these shortcuts streamline your workflow, giving you the edge in gaming and work.

  • COMPLETE GAMING EXPERIENCE: Take your gaming setup to the next level with the Cyberxgaming bundle set. The keyboard includes a high-performance gaming mouse and a large RGB gaming mouse pad, providing everything you need for the ultimate gaming immersion.

Wired Chromatic Gaming Mouse - 1200DPI

  • 12000 DPI Optical Engine Using high-performance sensors, the control is smooth and precise, and the movement is flexible and free to meet your precise positioning requirements.

  • Support Marco Programming: About 16.8 million colours, intelligent RGB lighting, and can be customised.

  • The mouse has a pleasant, matte finish, which makes it not only delightful to the touch but also prevents it from slipping out of your hand at the wrong moment, even if it sweats after long battles. The traces will be erased instantly if you have a wet wipe nearby.

  • Ergonomic Design Gaming temperament ergonomic design for right hands.

  • USB Braided Cable The braid on the wire often prolongs its life and protects it from bending and phenomena such as your beloved cat's teeth or your younger brother's playful hands.

  • Plug & Play: The mouse works autonomously and without installing additional software. It can be up and running in seconds when connected to a computer via a USB port.

RGB Gaming Mouse Pad -15 Light Modes

  • 🎮 Customizable RGB backlights for a personalized gaming experience

  • 🖱️ High-quality surface for precise mouse control

  • 🚫 Anti-slip design to keep the pad in place during intense gaming sessions

  • 🎯 Perfect for both professional gamers and beginners

  • 💡 Bright and Vibrant: The LED lights are bright and vibrant, adding an exciting visual element to your gaming setup

  • 🔄 Durable and Long-lasting: Made with high-quality materials, this gaming pad is designed to withstand long gaming sessions

  • 🎯 Improves Accuracy: The smooth surface of the pad enhances mouse tracking, improving your accuracy in games

  • 🚀 Enhances Game Performance: With improved mouse control, your game performance will level up

  • 🎁 Great Gift for Gamers: This LED gaming pad makes a perfect gift for gaming enthusiasts.

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse with Bonus Mouse Pad Combo
Gaming Keyboard and Mouse with Bonus Mouse Pad Combo
Gaming Keyboard and Mouse with Bonus Mouse Pad Combo
Gaming Keyboard and Mouse with Bonus Mouse Pad Combo
Gaming Keyboard and Mouse with Bonus Mouse Pad Combo
Gaming Keyboard and Mouse with Bonus Mouse Pad Combo

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